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Your relationship with food signifies your relationship with yourself and everyone around you. Every time you eat, you have the opportunity to tell yourself how much you truly love yourself. This doesn't mean avoiding anything with sugar or carbs or salt; it means slowing down, taking a breath, and choosing food that honors what you need in that moment. 

I have spent the last 8 years dedicating my education to studying food and its role within our bodies, our mind, our environment, and our relationships. 

At Self Love Nutritionist, I want to help you develop a relationship with food that is positive, uplifting, and serves its purpose to nourish your soul.


My nutrition philosophy focuses on 5 main pillars: Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size®, joyful movement, body image, and mindset. In combination, these pillars will help you to build trust with yourself, gain confidence and love for your body, and say bye to dieting.

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