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nutrition information out there. I wanted to be the “healthiest version of myself,” but how was I supposed to do that when one website says to eat high-carb and drink celery juice and another says to eat low-carb and drink apple cider vinegar? I began restricting the foods I love the most, only to result in bingeing later on.

My inner critic further told me that my body wasn’t good enough. I felt ashamed and embarrassed to have a stomach pooch and cellulite on the back of my legs (all of which are completely normal btw!). I had always been fairly petite, but the changes that come with becoming a woman felt foreign. Add on the strong desire to be successful and have a career that I would be proud of, and I was mentally overloaded. Attempting to excel in school as well as navigate the health industry was too much for me.

This ultimately led me to change my degree from biomedical engineering to nutrition. I was finally fed up with listening to others tell me what to do and I wanted to discover it for myself. And wowza, this led me down a path that I am forever grateful for. I began studying my relationship with food and myself to such a high intensity that I got three master’s degrees out of it. I am aware. I am mindful. I am intuitive. And I have developed an everlasting love for myself and body.


Hi! I’m Kaitlyn Allen, a Registered Dietitian, here to empower women like yourself to find food freedom and self-love. This journey holds a special place in my heart, as I understand how mentally draining being obsessed with food and your body can be.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a household with no rules around food. My parents never labeled certain foods as “good” nor “bad,” and my mom spent most afternoons baking delicious sweets for my siblings and I to eat after school. We always had home cooked meals filled with butter, oil, and milk. My relationship with food has always been neutral. It never occurred to me that some foods could be “bad” until I was in college.

This is when my inner wisdom turned off and my inner critic set in. I began listening to others’ opinions of how my body “should” look and what I “should” be doing to keep it that way. I was overwhelmed and consumed by all the mixed

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Organizational Purpose: 

To help women find food freedom and self-love.


Mission Statement: 

At Self Love Nutritionist, I believe all women should feel at peace with their bodies and eat for nourishment, joy, and satisfaction by eliminating food rules, guilt, and anxiety while eating.


Vision Statement: 

To prevent eating disorders by eliminating diet culture.


Registered Dietitian

MEd in Eating Disorders, Plymouth State University

MS in Nutrition and Metabolism, The University of Texas Medical Branch

MS in Human Nutrition and Functional 


University of Western States

BS in Nutrition, Arizona State University