• “I want to be able to actually enjoy food instead of constantly worrying about the amount of calories or fat it contains.”

  • “I want to be able to look in the mirror and love what I see.”

  • “I want to be able to focus on other areas of my life instead of constantly thinking about food and my body.”

  • “I want to be able to trust myself around food instead of fearing that I will lose control.”

  • “I want to be able to eat some cookies without feeling guilty afterward.”

  • “I want to be able to wear a swimming suit or shorts with confidence.”

  • “I want to stop feeling like I have to exercise every day for it to ‘count’.”

  • “I want to stop going on diet after diet.”

Have you ever thought...

I work 1:1 with a limited number of women to develop a healthier and more positive relationship with food and their body. Our work together will consist of building your self-worth from the inside, developing a connection with yourself through intuitive eating principles and mindfulness, and improving your body image without focusing on weight.

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Self Love Nutrition Therapy Program

Outpatient Eating Disorder Nutrition Therapy